Local Park Profile – Flat Top Park is the Heart of West Richland
Flat Top Park in West Richland is the community’s largest park.
The park had a large soccer field that was next to a beautiful vineyard. The two basketball courts needed some new nets, but were usable. A very small baseball diamond is in the corner of a very large field that could be …
Local Park Profile – Jason Lee Park is Quiet and Clean
Across the street from Jason Lee Elementary School, Jason Lee Park had everything my 5-year-old son and I needed for a perfect a bonding time.
It has one small set of climbing toys for children, several beautiful evergreen trees, a very small batting fence for kick-ball games or non-serious batting p…
Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe Online
The Internet is a powerful tool that informs, educates, and allows us to communicate. However, unmonitored Internet usage can present dangers to our children. Here are some tips for keeping your kids safe online.
Salmon Summit 2012
Columbia Park will be hosting the Salmon Summit 2012 today and tomorrow Wednesday, May 2nd, between the hours of 7:00am to 3:30pm.
Over 3,500 students are expected to attend this week! Students will spend their time browsing educational stations after releasing salmon (w…

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