This Couple…Still In love After 47 Years! [VIDEO]
This cute couple stopped by the 98.3 The Key booth today at the Fair.
When The woman leaned into her husband and gave him a little squeeze as she laid her head against his shoulder, I asked if they were newly weds...She was all starry eyed and giggly with him...
Lauren Brody From “Glamour Magazine”
Ladies, have you ever wondered what it takes to think like a man? Or maybe what it takes to land the guy you have had your eye on? Lauren Brody answers some of those questions in her new book "Always Hit on the Wingman".  Listen to the interview for the inside story on how the…
Benefits From Breakfast In Bed!
I'm sure the benefits from receiving breakfast in bed are many, but I'm not talking about the nutritional benefits. Or the other ones that are crossing your mind right now, so get it out of the gutter...and let me explain.
I Love Dogs!
Dogs add so much to our lives! I remind myself of this each time I'm exasperated from cleaning up dog hair! But, truely...they are loyal friends and at very least GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!!

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