March Madness

How to Get Fan Gear for Half Off in Time for March Madness! is both an online store and a real store in Downtown Kennewick with an INCREDIBLE selection of fan gear. As March Madness approaches, now would be a good time to check them out for hats, clothing, keychains, and more with your team logo on it. And I know how to get it for half off…
Find Out Why It’s Called March Madness
The NCAA basketball tournament has always been called "March Madness," even though the Final Four and championship game are in April. If you see a lot of round 1 games with top seeds facing long shots, you'll also witness "safe" basketball that doesn't l…
Find Your March Madness Emoji!
A lot of people do their March Madness picks based on mascots. Considering your odds of winning, that sounds as legitimate as anything else. To make it more fun, the Washington Post is introducing mascot emoji!
Need Help With Your March Madness Bracket?
So you've got to fill out a bracket for your office's March Madness pool, But you didn't get a chance to watch teams like Murray State, Iona, or Southern Miss this year so you have no idea if they're any good. Here's a shortcut.