My Dog About Suffocated Me Last Night!
Anyone Else's Pet totally freak last night in the thunder/lightening storm? Wow!
My dog kept me up literally all night she jumped in bed with me and was holding on to me so tight, I thought I was gonna pass out! I resorted to turning on the TV for hours...
Quirky Pets Do You Have One?
Each and every pet is so uniquely different, just like people! And some more than others have some quirky things about them.
This is my son's girlfriends dog. And It's definitely "quirky"
Check out this video and see if you can see what I mean...
Squeaky Needs A Home
Meet "Squeaky"! He is a one-year-old neutered male Chihuahua mix in search of his forever home. He was surrendered to the BFHS because his previous owner became ill and could no longer care for him.
Turk Needs A Good Home, This Weeks Adoptable Dog
Meet Turk a Male Chihuahua mix, looking for his forever home! The adoption fee for BFHS dogs is $90, and all dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and eligible for a complimentary general physical examination at a local veterinary clinic post-adoption...
“Cookie” Needs A Good Home, This Weeks Adoptable Cat
Meet "Cookie"! She is a ten-year-old spayed female Domestic Shorthaired Calico. She was originally adopted from the BFHS when she was younger, but was returned years later by her previous owner after Cookie started to fight with their newly adopted puppy...
Do You Talk To Your Pet On The Phone![VIDEO]
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who tries to make a comforting call to a pet that is at home when I'm away.
Come on,   have you done the same thing?
I have to admit, I've also done things like leave the TV on for my dog to watch while I'm away...
My Spoiled Dog! [VIDEO]
It's no secret, I love my pets! And yes, I admit I often let them get away with things I shouldn't.  I absolutely HATE  dog hair!
But, sometimes to see my cute puppy enjoy laying on my so adorable that It's hard for me to be stern with her about getting up there!
Tri-Cities Kitten Orphan of the Week
Bandito is a male black and white Domestic Shorthair in search of a home. A stray cat had a litter of kittens so Bandito and his siblings were surrendered to the Benton-Franklin Humane Society. Come by and visit him today. His adoption fee is $65, which includes current vaccinations, a microchip …
Man’s Best Friend Needs Extra WARMTH in Winter
Lots of people own pets and some think that a dog is "just an animal" and can adapt to any climate if given time. While it's true dogs out in the wild can adapt to finding shelter and warmth during cold months by digging a hole in the ground or finding shelter in a forest, dogs can NOT kee…
Hamster Drag Racing Is Sweeping the Nation [VIDEO]
Hamsters will run between four and eight miles a day in the wild, which is why in captivity the little furballs will attack their exercise wheel with such boundless energy.
These are the sort of facts you learn from watching “hamster drag racing,” the new sport t…

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