20 PUPPIES!!! West Richland Animal Shelter Needs Your Help
According to Adopt Shelter Animal Pets / West Richland  They received 20 puppies and need a Lil help:
We are in desperate need of Puppy food!! We have 20 puppies! Any donations would be greatly appreciated!!! Donations can be dropped off at Petco in Richland in the donation bin...
My New Puppy Survived Parvo — Will the Other Dogs at the Shelter?
I found out Friday morning my 5-month-old puppy (who we only got two weeks ago) had Parvovirus! Because he's brand new to our home, it's clear he got it from the shelter he was at! The vet said it was going to be $600 (right before Christmas!) and he only had 70 percent chance at survival.…
Tri-Cities Orphan Puppy of the Week: Oso
Oso is a 4-year-old neutered male Heeler Mix. He is a very active and strong dog. He behaves well around children and other dogs, but we are unsure how he would do around cats. Come by and visit him today! His adoption fee is $90.
Corgi Puppy Tries to Sleep Through the Hiccups [VIDEO]
It’s hard to be a puppy. All that cuteness and people always cooing “awwww!” at you and having little puppy paws that make many folks just want to eat you up.
Sometimes you simply have to take a nap to escape it all. So you cuddle into a warm lap, and what happens? You get the hiccups. And then your …