Things Men and Women Hate About Each Other
According to a new survey, the thing guys like most about women is that they'll
put up with their bad moods... and the thing they HATE most is that they take too long to get ready. Women like that guys can make them laugh... but hate that they can't find anything on their own.
Share Your Best Valentine’s Memory!
Valentine's Day is just around the corner! What will you do this year?
What was your favorite Valentine's memory?
Don't forget to plan on The Sweethearts Comedy Soiree Thursday Febuary 14th for this Valentine's Day!!
Here's a clip from one of the comedians who will be at the So…
I laughed! And…I Gut Wrench Cried When I Read This!
Maybe it's because I recently went through a break up, Maybe it's because "Single Guy Laughing" is amazingly insightful and intuitive. I had to share this, I think it's important! Whether you are newly engaged, married or divorced. Dan Pearce reminds us all about wha…
Dirty Dishes Cause Divorce
A new survey by the cleaning product firm Vileda reveals that 33 percent of couples who divorce split over dirty dishes -- and their partner not pulling their weight around the house in other ways. Other findings
This Couple…Still In love After 47 Years! [VIDEO]
This cute couple stopped by the 98.3 The Key booth today at the Fair.
When The woman leaned into her husband and gave him a little squeeze as she laid her head against his shoulder, I asked if they were newly weds...She was all starry eyed and giggly with him...

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