Rik Reviews The New Razor Kit from Harry’s [VIDEO]
I hear the ad all the time on the radio and curiosity finally got to me. I went online to Harry's to order myself a razor set. You know I like to be frugal so I purchased the $15 starter set. I wanted to see what all the hype was so here is my review of Harry's Razors.
Need a New Vacuum? Read My Review Before You Buy!
Sometime ago I purchased a Dyson Pet Vacuum from Costco. It was quite spendy around $400. I posted about it I have two big dogs and need something that really cleans well and can get up dog hair.
. Here is what I wrote and where you can see pictures and visit the Dyson Site
I felt it was a steep price…
Texas Roadhouse Restaurant Worth The Wait?
Last night, my boyfriend and I were starving...and decided to pop in to Texas Roadhouse to grab a bite! Well, that obviously was NOT something we could accomplish! The place was packed! Have you been there?