Holy Scam Alert Batman! Hermiston Is in Peril!!
Apparently some jerks are trying to scam my good friends in the Hermiston area! According to Hermiston Police departments Facebook page someone is trying to be sneaky and scam folks out of money...check this out.
remember, if you get a call from a company wanting money...
Credit Card Skimmer Case Has a Lead! Help Find These Lowlifes
The men pictured here are the suspects in a credit card skimming case that took place March 11th at a Richland Shell gas station on Williams Blvd. The suspects are believed to have stayed a local motel between the dates of March 10th and March 14th and to have been driving a late model Jeep Liberty,…
Pasco Woman Gets Scammed…Pays 4k For a piece of Glass!
According to Pasco police Facebook page:
These two are suspected of approaching a woman at Walmart and then selling her a "diamond" for 4k. Turns out the diamond is just a piece of glass and these two may have taken advantage of someone. Officer Fox would love to speak with them abo…

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