How to Keep Parents Happy When Richland School Boundaries Change
I used to live in Richland. Parents there get really upset when you mess with their schools. Because of over-crowding in south Richland elementary schools, the district plans to change the border. I predict the parents will come just short of rioting. Here's what they should do:
Starting Summer School? Top 13 Ways to Study
When I got to college I almost flunked my freshman year by partying too much. Then I buckled down and learned to study. The sooner you learn how, the better off you'll be. Honestly, I think learning to study is as simple as learning to sit in one, quiet place and focus on what you're readi…
Is Losing Teachers for ‘Common Core’ a Good Idea? [SURVEY]
I know a lot of teachers. The ones I know are not happy about Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium test coming next year as part of the Common Core Standards. I recently read Richland School District proposed removing four teachers from classrooms and assigning them to teach the teachers the Commo…
Are Richland Schools Segregated? [POLL]
Richland parents don't want their kids going to Chief Joseph Middle School because that's where the poor kids and minorities are. The school has a stigma. According to the story in the Tri-City Herald, the school district has hired great staff at the school. The only difference is the stud…

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