How Long Is Long Enough? [POLL]
When someone announces their engagement people love to talk about if it's "too soon." On the flip side, we've all rolled our eyes at people who've been "engaged" for five years with three kids! So, what is the right amount of time?
Where Should I Get Married in Eastern Washington? [POLL]
I can't wait to marry Kelly -- but where? Both of our families are in Spokane, but ALL of my friends are in Tri-Cities. Plus, there's a ton a beautiful wineries in Tri-Cities. But Spokane has great parks (Manito Park is No. 1 on my list). What do YOU suggest?
I’ve Been Dying to Show You Video From My Son’s Wedding!
As a listener...You are 'privy' to know probably more about me and my life than you care to. I tend to share things with my listeners that I would only tell a best friend or an extended family member. But, that is sort of how I think of you, so I wanted to show you the video's from my…
5 Things You Shouldn’t Do at a Wedding
It's wedding season and  I've already been invited to two wedding both of which I am unable to attend.One is a family members wedding which is being held in the middle of the week in the middle of the day, I guess they saved a few bucks, anyway I am unable to go. I ran across a few ru…

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