10 Flower Girls Who Are Terrible at Their Job
To an adult, it seems like the simplest task in the world. But to a small child, walking down an aisle and sprinkling flower petals on the ground is apparently totally terrifying. Here are some videos of little girls who just can't handle the pressure of being flower girl...
59% of Brides Plan Their Wedding Even Before They Get Engaged!
Here are some shocking statistics about women and weddings. A new survey by MyVoucherCodes reveals that 10% of women choose their wedding dress before getting engaged. Other findings: 37% of women have purchased their wedding dress before getting engaged 59% of women have planned their wedding befor…
This Will Bring You To Tears
Katie Kirkpatrick's story is a powerful reminder that we can still find joy in the midst of suffering tragedy by focusing on and celebrating the present moment.
Get out the Kleenex!