Women in Business Conference Tri-Cities
The Tri-Cities Women in Business Conference is a one-day powerhouse event that brings together accomplished female leaders, corporate executives, business owners and young professionals to share insights, exchange ideas and empower their careers...
Should Women Stop Shaving Their Body Hair?
Spring is here time to drag out shorts and tank tops and a razer. Yep ladies time to do some spring grooming. An English photographer I found is proposing women quit shaving and embrace their natural body hair. This seems completely wrong and weird to me.
10 Things Every Woman Should Have!
I read today from Allure.com about the 10 things every woman should have. (If we are "Hip" I guess)
I only have 2 of these Lol!  (Cocktail dress & Olive Oil)
So below is the list along with pics or info links to each of them that you've possibly not heard of before!
A Woman’s Place In The World
I read an article in the National Post this morning and I thought is was interesting! It has to do with women and how we rank around the world in education,politics,life expectancy ect..

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