Should Women Stop Shaving Their Body Hair?
Spring is here time to drag out shorts and tank tops and a razer. Yep ladies time to do some spring grooming. An English photographer I found is proposing women quit shaving and embrace their natural body hair. This seems completely wrong and weird to me.
10 Things Every Woman Should Have!
I read today from Allure.com about the 10 things every woman should have. (If we are "Hip" I guess)
I only have 2 of these Lol!  (Cocktail dress & Olive Oil)
So below is the list along with pics or info links to each of them that you've possibly not heard of before!
A Woman’s Place In The World
I read an article in the National Post this morning and I thought is was interesting! It has to do with women and how we rank around the world in education,politics,life expectancy ect..

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