You notice how most radio personalities are overweight!?  Well, there is a reason for that! In have a high anxiety level going at all times, because every second is being counted! There should be NO dead air, EVERYTHING is timed and it's crucial to have everything fall in just the right order! You hope to say all the right things and it seems you are constantly in a hurry!

I've lived like this for the past 30 years! And really have managed to keep my weight within 10 lbs of what I want. But today...I RAVAGED the rest of the bag of MUDDY BUDDY'S!

Have you tried these? OMG! You can not stop once you've had a handful! So BEWARE! They're as bad as OREO'S!!

Big Jim and Stacy Lee left them in the control room and worse than that..they said "take em! Have them!...Get them out of here!" So I gladly obliged!

I'm so glad I could help my co-workers! I now have a Screamin Headache! I'm assuming from the sugar overload! And I'm certain I just gained 5 lbs!

So Beware of the Muddy Buddies!

What's the one thing you can't say no to?