Well we all had a fantastic time at the Halloween Zillah Wine Ride!  Lots of us Camped and rode in the rain in spite of the bad weather!

The Purple Sage Riders did an awesome job at putting on a great event! It rained and poured but that didn't stop us from enjoying an awesome ride, tasting some exceptional wines, meeting up with friends and having one heck of a great time!

The catered food was excellent and the entertainment was great! My only suggestion is that next year...we do it in September or better yet AUGUST!  Please excuse the jittery video's they were from horse back and let's face it...I wasn't in the mood to take much footage..it was COLD!

You'll notice some pics from the weekend. And if you are wondering why me and my friend Katie had blue teeth..It was because we were eating awesome dutch oven Blueberry Cobler!

And the video of my puppy is cute, so make sure you watch it! He's getting SO big! I brought him and my dog daughter "Crystal".  I was planning txting the video  to my friend Joan who owns the mother and father of my pup so please excuse the verbiage during the video.. (teehee) Okay...just enjoy it and don't judge me too harshly...I'm a horrible photographer. Or at least I was on this day!