As I was laying next to my daughter trying to get her to go to sleep, I checked the news on my phone and caught more details about the tornadoes in Oklahoma. It was strange to lay there and think how for hundreds of families, tonight was so very different for them then for me.  These families were living there worst possible nightmare, many reports of children dying, families being torn apart, and communities being destroyed.  Living in the Northwest my whole life, the worst disasters I remember are St. Helens and an occasional ice storm.

There is almost always good that comes from bad situations. In this case, for me it was a reminder of how precious family is.  How I need to cherish these moments, and let the people I care about know how I feel on a regular basis. I already do, as I am sure most of us do, but I am sure we could all do it a little more.  A little more love goes a long way.