According to a new study out of the University of Buffalo, the key to a strong, happy relationship is simple.

--Just put your partner on a pedestal and WORSHIP them like the god or goddess that they are.

--In the study, they found that people who are, quote, "unrealistically idealistic" about their partners report much higher levels of satisfaction in the marriage.

--Which runs contrary to what you'd think, because usually, thinking someone's perfect is unrealistic . . . and eventually leads to utter disappointment.

--But the researchers found that's really not the case.  When you see your partner in the best possible light, it makes you happier, and makes any problems seem like they're not as big a deal.

 --Dr. Sandra Murray led the study.  She says, quote, "I wouldn't argue that people are deluding themselves.  Rather, people are seeing their partners through an optimistic, idealistic lens."