Yesterday we asked you to share your family's Thanksgiving Day traditions.
We guessed most people go in a circle and say what they're thankful for. We asked in a poll and...

  • 35 percent said their family does it too
  • 31 percent said they have in the past but don't do it currently
  • 26 percent said their family does not
  • 9 percent said no, but they do something similar

Here's the survey results for what special traditions families have:

  • Saving the pie for the football game
  • going to a movie theater after dinner
  • Serving dumplings with dinner
  • Serving grits casserole with dinner
  • Have turkey with the family on Saturday and enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at the church.
  • Travel to Lincoln City
  • Watch "The Christmas Story"
  • Watch movies before dinner while mom cooks
  • Play games
  • Invite someone to dinner who doesn't have family nearby
  • Draw for "Secret Santa"