Girl browses the social networking site Facebook
(Photo Illustration by Chris Jackson, Getty Images)

Although my FB is flooded with very unappealing photos, like no make up...fat pics, just woke up pics, pics full of cellulite..etc. It's the REAL me!  And I think if I was THAT  "insecure," I'd be afraid to be seen like that! Right? But, I suppose too, that feeling  accepted for who you are...good and bad, does help me feel loved!  So, maybe this is true!...(and I need validation.)

Or, maybe,  It's just that facebook gives all of us a reason to put on record memories of people, places, and fun times that we experience!  And then we can go back and reflect  and share with people we care about !  At least that is what it is to me!  Once the memory is uploaded, It's like a virtual scrapbook!!

But here's what the experts say:  What do you think? Tell us (using Facebook) in the comments below.

Got one of those friends who CONSTANTLY floods Facebook with photos? haven't talked to her since high school, but you've seen 8,000 pictures of every vacation she's taken in the past five years? Yeah . . . she's got self-esteem issues. According to a new study from the University of Buffalo, women who base their self-worth and self-esteem on their appearance share more photos online, and have more Facebook friends, than women who are more secure. The study didn't find the same connection with men.