A little more than once every two years Mars aligns exactly opposite the sun meaning it's bright and visible to Earthlings! It's called, "Opposition"! I think that's so cool. I'm one of those star gazing people. I have to go to bed early to be ready for the morning show, so I'll just have to enjoy it in the news. Will you do me a favor? Will YOU enjoy it for me? Here are the details:

Be watching at sun down and opposite in the sky you should see a rising "star" that is a burnt orange color and is 10 times brighter than the other stars! It will rise in the East and set in the West opposite the sun.

If you miss it, don't worry, you can see it again next to a full moon on April 14! But the next "Opposition" won't be until May 2016.

What do the astrologers say? They say "opposition" means just that and will spell conflict -- within yourself, in your relationships, between you and your kids.