When I think back on generations past, Kids played in their yards, families sat on their porches and there were lots of casual gatherings but people didn't rush around half crazy all the time trying to fit in all the things they have to do!

We are the "Generation X" generation right? The Baby Boomers were just before us? And, it seems we are all somewhat responsible for some of what is created in our society. So I'm curious. What has made us all SO BUSY?

 Is it that we believe the world to be so competitive, that we need our kids to be taking every extra curricular event to compete in the demanding world? Or, are we compensating for a two parent working household and want the kids to have enough to do so they don't get in trouble?

Or perhaps, we just want our kids to have every opportunity to pursue their talents, goals and dreams!?

I think that parents of the past gave household chores to their kids and other than those chores, and school, kids had some free time to play and be with family.

I remember when my boys were young they were heavily involved in sports and it seems that is where it all began.! Trying to juggle each child's practice, and game time , travelling for away games, bringing  snacks, feeding  them dinner,homework after games and trying to get them to bed at a decent hour so they can get up for school in the morning. Chores...were LAST on the list for them. And that was just basketball season!

Nowdays, I myself seem to cram a whole lot in my own life and don't seem to have enough time to get in all I have to do! Let alone all I want to do! I wonder if it's just because I'm used to being that busy now. Even if I have a little free time, I seem to book it up so I'm continually in a rush to get everything done on my list!

My boyfriend teaches guitar and had a student come to a Guitar recital. The parents were explaining why they were late. They had come from a Basketball practice, then to the Guitar recital then had another Choir recital right after that! So had to rush out! Wow! That kid is busy from 7am till 10:30pm then has homework after that! And school the next morning. I certainly would have failed accomplishing all that kid has at age 11!

I'm just curious...what YOUR thoughts are. Why have we all become so busy? And is this how we want to continue?

please post your thoughts...I'd love to know what you think