In a recent interview with KBBL-TV in his native Portland, Oregon, animator Matt Groening (who also created "Futurama") said he hasn't watched "The Simpsons" in years.

Now that "Futurama" is over and he'll be moving on to other projects, Groening confessed he hasn't given "The Simpsons" any of his attention since the first eight seasons. He said the show's present creators have taken it in a different direction than the one he intended and are doing things that aren't funny and don't make sense.

On Sunday evenings he watches TV shows he thinks are better.

If it were up to him the animated hit would have been cancelled years ago -- and he thinks the writers and animators agree with him -- but it still brings in money so FOX makes them produce it.

Groening said the movie was boring and doesn't think he could write a good one since there aren't a lot of stories left to tell with the characters.