My boyfriend Tony & I had this great idea that we would scale down, get rid of stuff  that is just crowding our space and clear it out! So we decided somewhat impulsively to have a Yard Sale!
Sounds like a good idea right?

Tony diligently placed an add days before.

We got up extra early today and tried to organize years of accumulated stuff from our garage out onto the drive way and the front lawn!

We had some pretty valuable things like furniture, appliances, dishes,Mountain bikes,  music gear, horse tack, motorcycle gear and clothing etc.

Well....Almost no one came! It occurred to us then that we should have put signs out and also maybe had the sale on a Saturday instead of a Thursday! (duhhhh)

And now everyone is telling us that we should have put an ad on Craigslist!

So, live and learn I suppose! All I could do was Laugh! Cause the neighbors must have found it quite humorous to see us haul all that stuff out....and then hang out and look at it for a few hours. Then, haul it all back inside before the rain hit!

Yea, I'm sure they are getting quite a giggle!

I guess we will try again tomorrow and maybe Sat!

This time I will put an ad on Craigslist!

Any other ideas for me?