Last week, 50,000 bees were found dead in the parking lot of a Target in Portland, Oregon.  Almost half of them were bumblebees . . . and most of the rest were honeybees.

After some investigation, officials found out that the bees were murdered.  Landscapers near the parking lot used a powerful insecticide called Safari to spray some Linden trees.  So the bees were in the wrong place and got exposed to the gas.

Apparently, that type of thing happens fairly often . . . and it's estimated that millions of bees die worldwide from people trying to spray other types of insects to protect their plants.

So a group of 54 people will be holding a MEMORIAL SERVICE in honor of the bees this Sunday . . . in the Target parking lot.  And a lot of other people who can't attend are sending eulogies to be read at the ceremony.