I'm still not over what an incredible idea this is. I feel overwhelmed by the pure awesomeness of it. My teenage boy would worship the ground I walked on if I did this -- and I think I could! It only cost $300 -- totally worth it.
A dad in Jacksonville, Florida took his 13-year-old son and friends to a movie theater for his birthday. Only when they took their seats there was no movie... only a video game console!
For $300 the dad rented the movie screen for FIVE HOURS for the boys to play video games.
To add awesome to awesome, the price tag included unlimited pizza and popcorn!
For five hours the boys played "Fallout 3," "Portal," "Dead Space 2," "Skyrim," "Minecraft," and "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2."
If anyone out there works at Regal, Carmike or Fairchild and can make me an offer, CALL ME!