Around this time of year, we all think ahead to things we are certain we can do better in the New Year!

Trouble is as humans, it's easy to fall back to our old habits and let the good intentions fall to the way side.

I seem to have to re-commit myself every day for my failures of the current day. And I hope in time I can get to a better place with the challenges I face.

For all of us it's different. For me, I have to make my resolutions simple and attainable. They can't be vague. They have to be clear and structured.

  • Spend at least 1 hour on my physical well being 5 x per week. Example: Yoga, Cardio, Weightlifting, Jogging, Hiking
  • Eat fresh and create 3 meals each day at home and take time to eat them.  Limit my sugar intake
  • Spend 1 half hour a day studying my Bible

Among those obvious things I feel are important reminders. I also want to learn to be more "mindful" to stay in the present and enjoy the moment more. Try to simplify my life some and become a little more structured. I also plan to try very hard to reduce the stress in my life and work on letting go of things I have no control of. And, It's a continuing goal to learn how to SLEEP more. So, that is also on the list.

Anyway, I want to wish you all good luck with all of your new goals for 2014. Remember to forgive yourself and re-commit the very next moment if you mess up. Every moment is a new chance to do it different! Make the most of your moments and be kind to your self. And thank you for being my friend, for listening to me on the radio. For reading this post, and for being a wonderful person in our society! God Bless you in the New Year for Health, Happiness and Prosperity! With much love to you all!