Not sure we care..but, here they are according to Wise Brother Media!

  • Fake eyelashes
  • Ugg boots
  • Jeans (????)
  • Giant, celebrity style sunglasses.
  • Fake tanner
  • Leather sandals with straps...think Gladiator style.

About half the women said they'll keep on wearing whatever they want o n a date and three out of five say a guy should accept them regardless of what they wear.

I wondered what the list would say if we ask the WOMEN what they hate to see guys wear..So I asked around. Here's the answers:

  • Baggy Carpenter pants
  • Socks with sandals
  • A comb over hair do
  • Un-brushed teeth or poor hygiene
  • Too much Cologne
  • A cell phone that keeps beeping

What would YOU say..?