Last night Tony & I were in the mood for some GREAT FOOD from Emerald Of Siam and some relaxing, wonderful Jazz music by local Pianist, Steve Haberman and the fabulous Mary Lou Gnoza!

Steve Haberman is the best pianist I've ever heard! He is just beyond great! I think he used to play the music for the soap opera "The Young and the Restless" years ago. He's just beyond incredible on that Piano. Crazy good! He is also just one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet!

Mary Lou of course, is a well known top  performer in this area and is also  Mom to Singer/Songwriter Tom Gnoza (also a Tri-City legend!) She can belt out a standard jazz tune as good as the famous Dianna Krall! She's just wonderful! And so skilled! Plus, she is just super sweet too!

Musicians can credit her and Steve for instigating and promoting Live music in the Tri-Cities for many years!

They can be seen any number of days a week performing locally. Each Wednesday evening, they are at Emerald Of Siam for the dinner hour.

And, Did I mention how great the food was? I just had appetizers and I had a half order of #1 chicken and #2 Beef...and the chicken was with this yummy peanut butter sauce and the beef was spicy and put in lettuce wraps! Soooo good!

Anyway, we  had a great time! We've been there a few times and  It seems we always run into other area  musicians who stop by to support whatever group is playing. Last time we were there Tony & I got up and did a few numbers with Pameal Thomas Martin

Last  night, Brian Paxton (formally of Eclectic Approach) showed up, as well as the lovely Jessica Ballard  and Her Fiance(formally of Primitive Circus)

Tony didn't have his guitar last night, so we didn't do a song together, but I couldn't pass up a chance to sing to the accompaniment of  Steve Haberman!  So, I even belted out a tune last night!

If you aren't aware....Emerald Of Siam, is owned by Dara Quinn's Family. And"Dara" of  Dara Quinn Project is an amazing musician! Who if you are lucky enough you may catch her and her group playing on any given night there!

It's a great place!

Here's a couple video's from last night! And I'll include a youtube Vid of Dara as well!