Hi Everybody!

I Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had a busy one! But it was wonderful as well!

We were off Friday night so we headed to The Bonefish Grill to dine on yummy appetizers  and see Local Legend Tom Gnoza perform!

Tom's been entertaining crowds around the Tri-Cities for decades and his unique and distinct voice is like no other. He writes, sings, plays harmonica and guitar. And just spills talent from every pore!

Whether you see Tom  solo or with a few other players he's always a crowd pleaser!

He has a  fun and upbeat demeanor as he sings  his own twisted tales of woe about the hard knocks in life!  And he's had plenty! He also does familiar covers by various artists.

Tom's songs will  make you laugh, and cry! ( Sometimes at the same time!) His voice is like rough, whiskey, gravel..that pulls at your heart and permeates your soul.

No matter what kind of music you like, after seeing Tom perform, you'll leave knowing you love the guy and he'll be a forever friend!

Tom is the son of the incredibly talented  Marylou Gnoza who is  legend in her own right and plays around town with Steve Haberman. If  you've seen Marylou perform you know Tom got his talent from her.

I guess some great talent just runs in the blood! Wish I was related!

Check out the video!