On Thursday, MSNB reported that the Tri-Cities metropolitan area was the 9th fattest in the country. That's according to a Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index that says the area is 33.2 percent obese. That's hard to believe if you just walk around and look at people. I've got to say, compared to many cities, we're looking pretty good! All the obese people must be staying home! I think there's something screwy about this study. I don't believe it one bit. What do you think? We headed to the grocery store -- a reliable place to get a snapshot of a community -- and asked 10 residents if they thought these findings sounded legitimate.

  • Janie

    I believe it! I feel like I see multiple obese people walking around the Tri-Cities.

    Polly Ann Judkins
  • Bruce

    I don't believe it! I've been to many different places and I see a lot of Tri-Cities people involved in numerous outdoor activities, in other places... Not so much activity.

    Polly Ann Judkins
  • Misty

    Yes, I can agree with MSNBC

    Polly Ann Judkins
  • Misty

    I believe it, it's a problem all over the world!

    Polly Ann Judkins
  • Jamie

    Oh yeah! I definitely agree! Everyone around here is fat!

    Polly Ann Judkins
  • Hank & Renae

    We believe it, there's absolutely NOTHING to do around here...but eat!

    Polly Ann Judkins
  • Sean

    No way! I see so many skinny people in the Tri-Cities!

    Polly Ann Judkins
  • Tony

    There's no way!! I work out everyday, and i see so many locals getting into shape! I hardly notice obesity around the Tri-Cities.

    Polly Ann Judkins
  • Jacquelyn

    That's really hard to believe, but I do because there's nothing to do around here. Everyone seems to be glued to their TV or computer, especially when the weather is bad.

    Polly Ann Judkins
  • Charlie

    I've lived in many other places such as New York and Arkansas and compared to the Tri-Cities, I've seen way more obese people here. So I do believe it!

  • Laura

    I believe it, I just moved to the Tri-Cities and I've notice that there are so many fat children around this place!

  • Kara

    There is no way I can believe it! The Tri-Cities is full of active citizens! I always see people going to gyms, jogging, and biking!

  • Avan

    I can agree! It's so boring here, the only fun thing to do is eat food!

  • Natalie

    I don't believe it! I've seen other places that are way worse!