Lucius Malfoy (a.k.a. British actor Jason Isaacs) will be on the Morning Show Friday morning just before 7 a.m. to talk about his new movie "Sweetwater." What should we ask him?
Before becoming Lucius Malfoy, Isaacs was a good boy -- even earning a law degree to please his parents. After graduation he became an actor and married actress Emma Hewitt. His most famous roles are villains ("The Patriot," "Harry Potter," and now "Sweetwater.")

In previous interviews he's said that his experiences growing up in a Jewish household in a Jewish neighborhood (to a Jewish jeweler) influenced his portrayals of villains. See, during his youth the neo-Nazi National Front party was outspoken in Britain and he was exposed to their evil, hatred and discrimination.

He occasionally grows tired of playing tough bad guys, however, and has requested roles as gay men and even a drag queen. In a past interview he even described himself as a "cringing, neurotic Jewish mess."

Hot mess is more like it.

In "Sweetwater" he plays a self-proclaimed prophet wreaking havoc in frontier New Mexico. It comes out today, Oct. 11.

What should we ask him?