Hey guys...or gals!  I need your help!

I love Valentines' Day! And I need your opinion!

I feel like Valentines Day  is a time to celebrate the greatest relationship of your life!

The fact that you are choosing to share your life with a special someone is a huge commitment!   Valentine's Day, is set aside to celebrate that connection and that accomplishment! So I want to make it special!

Being a woman, It's sometimes hard to figure out what a GUY wants to do for Valentines Day.

Often times we  try to do something for our guy...but we can only relate to what WE think would be cool, and it ends up being more of what WE would want to do instead of what our man wants to do!

So I need your advice! (Please Lord...don't say you think he'll want to watch football all day and eat pizza!) But, I suppose if that was it, I'd be willing to do it. He's not hugely into sports though,  so I think I'm safe!

I have some ideas..but, I'd love to hear from the guys out there. What gift would you like to receive from your special someone!? Where would YOU like to go? What would YOU like to do?

We women,  are pretty simple. We love chocolate, flowers, jewelry, lingerie or anything that spells romance and love!

But, guys...really what do YOU want? Please, post below what your most amazing Valentines Day might be made up of! Thanks (Faith)