If you want you Valentine's day to be successful, plan ahead. According to Zebra Pen Corp. 57% of people are looking forward to going out to a nice restaurant on Valentine's Day. Which can be tough in Tri-Cities with out a reservation.

According to another survey more than half the successful Valentine's dinner reservations were made more than a week in advance. I believe you should start making those plan's now. A women can tell if you threw the date together at the last minute, and at least for me anyway I appreciate it when I know some time and thought was put into it. The good news this year is Valentine's day falls on a Tuesday so alot of people will celebrate it on the Saturday before, giving you more options.

35% of people say Italian food is the most romantic, 25% say French and 11% say American.

The good news is there are at least 3 Italian restaurants to choose in Tri-Cities. Carmines and Bella Italia and Monterossos.

What is your favorite romantic restaurant in Tri Cities?