Victoria's Secret is not a comfortable place for a man.  You don't know what you should buy your wife or girlfriend . . . you don't know what prices are reasonable . . . and you really don't want to look like a pervert.

And Victoria's Secret knows it.  And they also know they can exploit it.

The website Business Insider just interviewed an anonymous ex-Victoria's Secret employee from Chicago, who claims the staff is trained to squeeze as much money as possible out of uncomfortable male customers.

She says, quote, "The general feeling about men is that they would buy anything in order to get out of the store as quickly as possible.  That means they would spend more money."

So the staff is instructed not to tell them about sales, and instead, to point them to full-priced, expensive stuff.  Quote, "Women are more value-oriented . . . men would buy a couple of $50 bras without questioning us because they felt awkward."