It seems like every time I turn around there is a new healthier, better way to eat! It seems like eating healthy should be pretty simple. But, there are all these theories floating around and it's hard to decide on one and then stick to it!

I do pretty good for the most part, but have still been eating way too much sugar and and processed carbs.  I just need a convincing plan to make me get off sugar for good!

After hearing about the Paleo Solution for awhile, I have decided to invest the energy to examine it a bit closer.

So I found this link about the pro's and con's of the Paleo Diet

My sister and her family are all into it. And my brother in law lost 25 lbs. I haven't bought the book yet (The Paleo Solution) but I have been researching it  on the Internet and thought I'd pass along what I found.  There is also a cute/funny video that I've included.

I'm going to try it for one month and really try to stick to it, and see how I feel.

Wanna join me? We could do it together, and chat about how it makes us feel, and if we notice a difference, if we've lost any weight etc.

Feel free to call me too to talk about it. 509-845-1939

I just started it today at lunch!

I ate an avocado, tomato and carrots for lunch with a handful of dry roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds.

I'm going to make some green tea to sip on and have NO idea what in the world I'll have for dinner later when I get home. But probably some lean chicken and more veggies. It doesn't sound too far from what I have been eating already. I just have to knock out all the breads, grains, and SUGAR!

Check out the funny video. It's about the natural fermented goo in some fruit and how that turns to alcohol and the animals get intoxicated. (The Paleo diet does not allow alcohol but this video is

included to say it actually is a natural part of our diet and always has been.)  I found that kind of funny even though I'm not a big drinker. I took that to mean an occasional glass of wine, might be acceptable!