We should find out late tonight or tomorrow how the state of WA will decide to sell liquor.  I found it to be an interesting issue and lots of people were very passionate in thier views on both sides.

Citizens' Guide to Initiative 1183: To End Washington's Liquor Store Monopoly

By Jason Mercier, Director, WPC's Center for Government Reform September 2011

Key Findings

  1. I-1183 would effectively end the state’s 78-year-old monopoly on liquor sales.
  2. The Office of Financial Management estimates I-1183 would increase state revenues by more than $200 million, and add $200 million (approximately) in local government revenues over the next six years.
  3. I-1183 limits those outlets that can sell liquor to stores of 10,000 or more square feet, with limited exceptions.
  4. If I-1183 is enacted, Washington would still rank among the top five states for restrictive access to liquor sales, moving from second to fifth most restrictive, and would be the most restrictive non-monopoly-control state in the West.
  5. I-1183 would repeal SB 5942 and the proposed leasing of the state’s liquor distribution warehouse to a single private provider, allowing for full competition in the liquor distribution market.

Hmmm...what do you think? What is your view on it?