On Friday, I attended a guitar workshop at Kennewick's Music Machine.

Jennifer Batten the long time guitar player for Michael Jackson, performed solo and showed us all guitar her famous, guitar riffs, licks and tricks as well as what she uses for gear etc.

I found her to be amazingly down to earth and friendly, as well as extremely talented!

She talked a bit about her experience touring with Michael and his huge crew all over the world!

She was so willing to share her experiences and expertise about her guitar playing very openly,most of which was way over my head, but none the less interesting! And she gave us plenty of time to ask all kinds of questions about her life as a musician!

It was really cool of Music Machine to bring her up from Portland where she now resides to let us meet and see her up close and personal. I really enjoyed it!

Here's a couple vids and pics to look at: