After reading the voter's pamphlet I have really mixed feelings about I-522 (labeling genetically-modified food). I don't know yet how I'll vote. I'm going to tell you what I think and then you weigh in:

Here are my thoughts:

1. The TV ads say the law is dumb because it exempts too many foods. After reading the pamphlet, I think that's misleading. It only exempts foods not genetically modified. What if that animal was fed modified food? Or those crackers were processed with modified ingredients? That's tricky, but if the food itself is not modified, then it's not modified! So I call B.S. on the television ads.

2. The state department of health says checking for compliance will cost up to $750,000 a year. Pro-labeling groups are saying it costs nothing to change a food label. I believe that. But if the state says enforcing the law will cost that much then that's a real concern. I call TRUTH on the expense complaint.

3. Opponents of the bill say that the food is safe and nutritious and if you want to avoid modified food you can buy organic. I think that's fair, but I also think we should be allowed to know everything in our food. I don't believe changing labels will raise the cost of food. But I don't really know. So I'm still undecided.

Your turn: