The other day in our morning meeting we were all talking about certain things we might do if we were "Mayor"

I know I would want to make Horse Equestrian trails all over, instead of just catering to the hikers, joggers, bikers etc.

Plus..I know I would want to make every establishment "Dog Friendly"

Don't worry, I'm not nor do I ever plan to run for Mayor! But I'm just sayin! Oh, and who the heck came up with the five day a week 8 hour a day work week?  That really needs to change! (Everyone needs more family and free time! :)

This is my dog Crystal. I've had her about 5 years. She is a rescue. She loves to go everywhere with me. And she has no problem being buckled up if she sits in front. I also would make that mandatory, that if you have your pets in the car, they need to be buckled in. or in a safe container in case of accident.

Kinda gets ya thinking doesn't it? About things you'd like to change. Obviously someone is thinking right now that you would make it mandatory to write blog posts with more grammatically correct paragraphs. Hahaahahha!