People are pretty passionate about the trucks they drive. Often boys in high school, really rival about what truck is better! Chevy VS Ford etc.

I suppose it depends greatly on what exactly you use your truck for.

I recently reluctantly sold my 2004 GMC Diesel 2500 (with Allison transmission) 4 wheel drive truck that I loved like no other vehicle I'd ever had!  I drove it for four years and sold it for almost exactly what I bought it for, so figured I did pretty well! But, I so hated to see it go!

I have access to one that is about 10 years older, so it seemed silly for me to have a $500 payment when I could use this truck that was paid for and still in great shape.

I miss that truck so much though!  I often dream of buying another newer truck someday but, the thought of staying out of debt for now, keeps me from doing it!

My truck was a Diesel 2500 3/4 ton with a tow package.  It was an extended cab. I think that would be the one change I would make. I would opt for the king cab next time. Those doors were just ridiculous when grocery store parking! 

I used my truck to pull my horse trailer mostly and it did it with so much power! I loved it! Even driving uphill going 70 on the freeway, it did it with ease!

 I found it to be comfortable inside as well, and the turn radius with the bumper pull trailer was still pretty good. I loved the diesel because it seemed to be so powerful! 

 Today I was wondering IF I was to buy another truck ...would I buy the same kind? Since I loved it so much? Or maybe go with a different one.

 So, I thought I'd ask YOU! What is your favorite truck and why? Not that I'm expecting a windfall...but, ya never know! A girl can dream!!