I often have the TV on in the studio during my show from 3-7 each day and I catch bits and pieces of the fabulous  Ellen Degeneres Show.  I'm such a fan of her program! And of her!  She is doing so many great  things to help people and spread goodness around the world.

So many people seem to be able to do a great deal for others even with limited resources.  Ellen had Sherrie Ghans on her show. She is the principal at Whitney Elementary School in Las Vegas NV, where many of the kids are homeless or their families are struggling with financial problems etc.

This woman is just remarkable and uses her own money to help pay bills for these families, and provides  food, and supplies and so many other things to help these kids have a safe place to stay and live and learn.

Sherrie is an amazing person, and Ellen had her on the show and featured her story.

Feel free to click on the links and check it out!

My dream and wish as a  child was that I could be rich or famous enough to do great things for people!  I never got rich or famous! And I try to do things in my own small way to help,  But I thank god everyday for people in the world like Ellen and Oprah who use their wealth, influence and fame for positive things in the world! And REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

And I do believe that even though we can't do things on such a grand scale!  We can all still help in our own small way and make a difference in the life of someone!

Thanks to all of you who have made a difference in mine. Just for being there as a friend, as a listener and a common community member!

Merry Christmas! And many blessings for a  Happy New Year!