By now, you’ve probably seen or heard about the viral video of the New York School bus monitor who was bullied and threatened by students. 

68 year old Karen Klein, a former bus driver-turned monitor for the Greece Central School district near Rochester, was verbally bullied and threatened  by students on a bus;  including calling her fat and suggesting her children commit suicide.  She has since received over $440,000 in online donations from well-wishers, most of whom told her to ‘take the vacation of a lifetime!’

She wants to return to her job, but on a different route, and wants an apology from the students.  Unbelievably,  while Town of Greece police have investigated, no students have been charged.  This incident is different and worse than students taunting other students, because it’s an adult.   What should be done to the students (some of whom have been identified) to punish them for this incident?

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