Gabriella Pession is an Italian actress starring in NBC's new show "Crossing Lines" premiering June 23. She'll be on the Morning Show this Friday about 7:30 -- what should we ask her?

Gabriella was born in Florida and lived her first six years in the U.S. so learning English wasn't an issue. She attended university in Italy and spent most of her career in films, television shows and plays in Italy and Spain. Even though she's received awards for her European work, she'll be new to the American audience. This should not be an issue, however, since her intriguing beauty makes her easy to watch.

In "Crossing Lines" she'll be acting with William Fichtner (what isn't he in lately?) and Donald Sutherland (who played the evil president in "Hunger Games" to you younger people).

The new show looks really cool It's an action-packed global crime drama with the actors portraying law enforcement in the International Criminal Court and Europol. It's "set in the world's most exotic locales, while the elite team of eager cops work to solve the most notorious international crimes."