Today is my second day of my Paleo Diet. That means -- other than the few Ritz Crackers I ate last night -- I had stayed completely obedient to my diet of vegetables, lean meats and fruit yesterday!

Today I got up and had a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes and avocados.

I felt pretty good and happy with myself!

Then I came to work.

Stacy Lee of "Big Jim & Stacy Lee In The Morning" casually, left a half-eaten Million Dollar chocolate bar just sitting on the counter!

First of all, WHO DOES THAT?

Who leaves a perfectly delicious milk chocolate bar just sitting around? No one in their right mind, that's who! I've always thought they were both a little weird!

Before I even had time to think about the "right or wrong" of it, it was melting  in my mouth!

Now, I'm not one to ever steal, so in that brief moment in time I had justified my behavior, completely convincing myself that she MUST HAVE left it there because she loves me and wanted to share her candy bar with me! I was sure of it!

I also convinced myself that if I were to call her to ASK she might be napping and I wouldn't want to wake her!

I've always heard that saying, "Better to ask forgiveness than permission." So for the first time in my life I decided to go with that!

And now I have to publicly confess my wrong doing!

"Dear Stacy Lee,

I'm sorry for eating your already half-eaten "Million Dollar Chocolate Bar."

I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me!

I know you are dieting for your New Years Resolution. So, you could be happy that I helped you out by eating it!  Hey, what are friends for?!


Regretfully feeling chubby"