Mega Millions is at $52 million today. Yes, $52 million dollars!


If I had that much money...well, first, I would not spend my day sitting here on my computer. In fact, I would not want to be sitting around at all! Not with that much money!

The first thing I would do is take a whole month off and travel. In this busy world, who wouldn't want to get away? I just imagine myself relaxing at a beautiful beach in France, with a glass of expensive wine in my hand. I could almost watch my stress float away with the peaceful blue beach waves.

Perhaps, I would give away a big portion of my money to charity. That would be a nice thing to do.

And why not buy myself a nice new car and a house back home? Why not buy a tiger as a pet? Why not own a chocolate factory? I mean, one wouldn't be a real millionaire without fancy extravagance to show off.

I could also learn new things like sky diving, extreme dirt biking, and kayaking...

With the extra time and money, life would be so much more productive and exciting! With $52 million, all your dreams could come true.


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What would YOU do with $52 million?