I drove tanks, I was a firefighter and now I'm a radio DJ with a great family. What about you? Would your childhood self be pleased, disappointed or confused?

A national survey asked people what they wanted to be when they grew up:

  • Being a kid stuck in southeastern Missouri I wanted to be Steve Irwin or Jeff Corwin traveling the world.
  • Employed
  • Astronaut
  • Millionaire
  • Lawyer. Now that I'm a lawyer, I want to be a bus driver.
  • Power Ranger (I became a doctor instead)
  • Police Officer or Firefighter
  • Ghostbuster
  • Paleontologist
  • Marine Biologist
  • Artist (still chasing that dream)
  • F16 fighter pilot
  • Brain Surgeon
  • Truck Driver (it made my parents laugh all the time)