hate myself when I use these! WHY CAN'T I GET IT RIGHT?!!! AAAAARGGG!

I get so frustrated with myself when I resort to using the stupid white plastic shopping bags! I think they are horrible for the environment! But for the life of me, I can't seem to consistently remember the reusable bags! I even purchased a bunch of them!

And yes, I put them in my car! And half the time, I'm at the check out line and I realize I left them in the car. Or as in this last case..I had avoided the grocery store for so long, and they were in there the whole time, and then the day I decided to go clean my car...I had taken them OUT! And of course THAT is the day, I decide to go grocery shop and I don't have them! Why does this make me soooo frustrated!? It's right up there with forgetting to get my garbage to the curb!

I should be scolded or grounded! Or fined..or maybe just a good spanking will do! (teehhee)
Okay, sorry but I swear...Am I the only one in the world that can't seem to accomplish this task!? Please reply!