Last night, I was cuddled up in my bed watching TV (I know... you think that's a FIRST for me!)

I have been so tired lately and I have found great comfort in climbing into bed early and watching this new TV series on Netflix that I LOVE called "Damages." I also love "White Collar."

Anyway, we actually ate dinner in bed last night (teehee) and, of course, I have to follow up dinner with something sweet. So I laid there with my belly aching  from eating half of a Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt bar (my newest addiction, and I think you're only supposed to eat one square, which would explain my belly ache)

I was wondering if it's the fact that I'm watching TV now that has made me gain a few pounds or if it's the fact that I seem to allow myself to eat all my favorite sin foods now.

There was a time that I would "Just say NO," but it seems lately I just don't WANT to! And I indulge! Which made me wonder what it is for everyone else. For me it's the sweet stuff! There is always room for dessert for me!
How 'bout you? What is your favorite sin food?