It's always a little exciting when the snow falls and people are doing out of the norm things; trying  to get their cars out of the drive way, and slowly trying to get to work and school etc.

I would imagine it's fun for the kids to hear "It's a snow day" and they don't have to go to school that day! Or at least they get an early release!

I spent most of my high school days in California where there was no snow and then some of it in Utah where there was so much snow,  they were completely used to it and so we never got out of school because of it!

I would hope that if kids get a day off school because of snow, they could go sledding or something to make it extra fun, instead of just stay home inside all day.

But, because the roads are so bad, parents probably don't want to drive kids to the nearest sledding hill anyway! So NOT so fun having time off when you can't do something fun huh?

Of course it might just be fun to stay in and watch a movie, and spend time with someone you care about, or maybe catch up on that homework.

How cool is it when you have a test that day that you're NOT that prepared for, and then you don't have to take it and you get an extra day to study?! That's awesome! Huh?!

So for all the school age kids reading this...I hope you found a fun way to enjoy a little time off school today! Yay!

And be sure to check out our website for the updated closures and delays for tomorrow!

What do you love about getting a "Snow Day" off school?

Post your reply below!