So now that I have begun composting at my own home. I've become pretty excited about it. Seems everywhere I look, I find myself thinking "hmmm..I could nab that and put it in my compost pile!"

I had been considering going to the local coffee shops asking for their left over coffee grounds. When it occurred to me that I could start a kitchen compost at work.

In a 5 gal bucket w a lid that I can place under the sink, I hoping I can get people to empty the used coffee bags, tea bags etc into it.

Plus, you know how there seems to always be left over veggies in the fridge that were someones' best intention but never eaten? Yep, time for compost bin!

I think the general quota is 1 part green vegetation to 2 parts dry stuff like news paper, cardboard, straw etc. I'm still new to this but I found old celery & cauliflower in the fridge, added some used Coffee Bags a little news paper and ta da! The beginning of some compost material to add to my home one next week. I figure I'll bring a lidded 5 gal bucket tomorrow!

And for more info on composting. You can go here!

I initiated it today and here's how it went over so far...