asks its readers for their biggest unanswered questions. Past questions include why little boys love sticks, why smart people are usually ugly, if it was possible for men to blow up the moon, what is the most disloyal dog breed, etc. Wrapping up the year they announced their three most asked questions of 2012. They are:

3) When did mankind make the connection that sex creates babies?

2) Why does EVERYONE hate the sound of their own voice played back to them?

and No. 1 is: Why do rich and famous women always sunbathe topless?

The easy answer is: for the same reasons poor and boring women do it! But it's the most-asked question because they have so much to lose! Everyone's watching them all the time! They are hunted by paparazzi day and night! It's a GOOD QUESTION!

What's yours? Tell us your deepest, darkest, haunting unanswered question:

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